Persona 3 Answers you Need, to be a Genius

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Stuck at High School, here are the Persona 3 answers you need to get by and become the genius you’ve always dreamed of.

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Ms. Torumi: Who did I say was my favorite author?
Utsubo Kubota


Mr. Ono: What was the style of houses in the Jomson period called?
Mud Huts


Ms. Miyahara: Do you know when numbers were invented?
6000 years ago


Persona 3 portable answers
Bread? I think it’s bread.


Ms. Ounishi: What do you call water without much calcium and magnesium?
Soft Water


1700 km/hr


Mrs. Terauchi: One of the items on the menu for the family is “pan.” How would you translate this to English?

1st Exam: 18th to 23rd

How would you translate “pan” in English?

How fast does the Earth rotate near the equator?
Faster than sound

What’s the name for water high in calcium and magnesium?
Hard Water

Where is the Kitora Tomb located?


6/15 – Fill in the blank with the appropriate conjunction: “It rained all last week _ _ _ _ _ it’ll rain again today.”

6/17 – What formed the origins of magic?

6/22 – Jellyfish (3rd)

6/25 – Dowsing (1st)

6/29 – It can go either way. (3rd)


7/3 – The Global Heritage Pavilion (2nd)

7/8 – “I failed, It’s over now.” (2nd)

7/9 – Kondan Einen Shizaihou (2nd)

7/10 – Kabbalah (3rd)

7/11 – Imperial Prince (2nd)

7/14 – 18: *2nd Exam*

Dowsing (2nd)

Octopus (2nd)

Minamoto no Yoritomo (2nd)

“I went, I learned.” (1st)


9/1 – Superconductivity (1st)

9/10 – Gochisou-sama (3rd)

9/11 – The Hermetica (3rd)

9/14 – Can’t let others produce. (2nd)

9/26 – The Tetractys (3rd)


10/7 – To excite the audience (1st)

10/13 – 17: *3rd Exams*

Husbands (1st)

Pythagoras (3rd) (Persona 3 FES) / Moses (1st) (Persona 3 Portable)

Zero Electrical resistance (2nd)

Coup of Meiou (3rd)

10/19 – Fourteen (2nd)

10/22 – By fermenting them (2nd)

10/23 – Madam Blavatsky (2nd)

10/26 – Wristwatch (3rd)

10/29 – Lactase (3rd)


11/7- Winter mornings are pleasant. (1st)

11/12 – The Upanishads (1st)

11/30 – They did both (3rd)


12/7 – Ozone (1st)

12/11 – Cacti (1st)

12/14 – 19: *4th Exam*

1185 (4th)

Oxygen (2nd)

Left-hand Rule (1st)

Winter mornings are pleasant (4th)

Cacti (2nd)

12/21 – Kido. (2nd)

12/22 – Euphoria. (1st)

12/31 – Let Ryoji Live


1/8 – It’s wrong. (2nd)

1/18 – Circe. (2nd)

You are now a certified genius well done! If only school was like this in real life.

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