Medieval Dynasty Winter 4 Tips to Successfully Survive

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Medieval Dynasty is a village-building adventure. You are welcomed into the valley by your late uncle’s friend. He gives you permission to construct your own village using the resources that you can find throughout the land. 3 out of 4 of the seasons do not pose much of a challenge. But in a Medieval Dynasty Winter, you can die from freezing. So here’s a guide on how to survive.

The best way to survive is to make sure you have a workshop. Once you have built one, you can build torches that can keep you warm during the winter without having to stay in one place. The next danger you will encounter is starvation. There are not as many wild animals out. So your best bet is to craft tools and sell them to the local vendors. Then from the vendors buy your food. I would recommend cabbages as they have the most food points.

Get Some Heat into Your Soul

Medieval dynasty winter - survival
The least favourite season of the game.

The biggest threat to your survival is the freezing temperatures. This can be counteracted by being close to a heat source. Such as a campfire. But this will limit your exploration.

The next option you have is to craft simple torches. You can carry them in your right hand. These provide a mobile heat source. But they have a limited life span. So make sure to first stock up on straw and sticks. Craft as many as you can. This will result in less time scavenging.

The best option is to get warmer clothing. At this stage, you may not have access to a sewing station. There is an early quest that results in warmer clothing. But if you haven’t completed it yet, the only option is to buy some. Go to Branica. The only vendor I’m the hamlet will sell your clothes for a high price. But once you have them you never need to craft another torch again.

Buy Food to Keep you Fed During a Medieval Dynasty Winter

Medieval dynasty - a large pan of questionable soup.
Doesn’t look appetizing but it will keep you warm.

Once you have the temperature under control you are going to need food. From my experience, there are fewer wild animals about plus you probably won’t have any crops to fall back on. Luckily in the nearby village, Gostovia has plenty of food to buy, But you will probably be short of a few coins.

Medieval dynasty purchase 4

If you had hunted during the earlier seasons, you should have plenty of furs. These can be sold for a good price and should allow you to stock up on food items. If you haven’t, then I would recommend crafting tools and selling them back to the vendors. Below is a table of what you should expect from selling to vendors:

ItemHow to ExtractSelling Price
SticksGround, plants and Trees1g
Stone Hoe (Most profitable Tool)1 Log, 4 Stones22.5g
LogsCutting down Trees1g
FeathersCutting down Trees1.5g
Easy to source items

Stone Hoe would be the best option since you can buy the ingredients from vendors and craft them there. Then just sell them back to the vendor. Just remember that while you are crafting you cannot use the torch.

Quest Progress

With torch in hand, and food in your bag. You should be able to make progress with the quests in your journal. I tried to progress a quest and found myself out of food and torches. And stuck in a village with no food vendors. Preferably take quests that take place in the vicinity of your home base.

Prepare for Next Winter

Medieval dynasty the view of the greenery and small villages
Spring is finally here!

Well done for making it through the most painful season in the game. The difficulty bumps up a lot during Winter. Now that you have survived the first one, you can focus on preparing for the next one. Rather than rely on torches and food from stores. You will need to become more self-sufficient.

To do this I would recommend building farms and progressing with the village quest line. It will give you the task of securing seeds and fertilizer from vendors. Use the same tips above to make money to be able to afford the seeds. Then make sure to build farms afterward and build a barn once your farming technology improves. This will mean you can leave farming to other residents if you have any. If you have the hunting lodge built, assign settlers to hunt for food. Then raise your Crafting technology so that you can build a kitchen. Again assign a settler to the kitchen so they can make the most of the meat.

The next port of call is to get warm clothing. If like me, you haven’t progressed far enough along to unlock the sewing station. Go to Branica with as much gold as you can locate.

Do all these tips and the next Winter should be far easier than any of the others.

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