A NEW ADVENTURE - Morrowind Rebirth Playthrough #1
394 views · Sep 3, 2022
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A new playthrough of Morrowind Rebirth, a modded version of vanilla Morrowind which brings more content and improvements in the game. This first episode is the intro to the world and the character build.

I've played the vanilla Morrowind game on both the Original Xbox and on the PC without mods. I remember playing with my stereo on blasting out my favourite music at the time which would of been around 2005.

There are various changes to the main game, and from the introduction I already noticed new areas in the starting building as well as some balance changes. No more stealing a platter to sell on for 250gp. The class I created is focused on hand-to-hand combat which is a build I have never tried in any of the Elder Scrolls games. Unfortunately during this recording there is a cut off which I will avoid in the next episode.


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