How To Make Moving Your Medieval Dynasty Settlement Less Painful

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The first time you place your first home in your Medieval Dynasty settlement, you may not think much of the location. Yet, once you start building your settlement you start to realize the error of your ways. It may be too far away from specific resources such as straw. The land may be very uneven so it’s a lottery on where you can place things. And finally, aesthetically it may look awful. Here is how you move.

First, pick a location, I recommend a very wide open area that is flat and is near to Reeds. The very first building you must build is the Resource Storage building. Once that is up and running any non-consumable items from your original settlement are then available to you. Then progress to build the remaining buildings in this order: houses, well, hunting lodge and finally food storage. Then move across all your residents. Finally, build the rest of the buildings that you have in the original base.

Medieval Dynasty Settlement Preliminary Checks

Medieval dynasty settlement difficulties
This settlement though beautiful was difficult to find locations new buildings due to uneven terrain.

Before even considering moving your settlement, you need to decide if it is worth the move or should you start again. If you only have level 1 in the technology trees, then there is no reason not to start the game again. But if you have level 2 and above I would recommend moving your settlement.

Secondly, you need to make sure that while you are building the new settlement. That all the worker’s needs are being met so that you do not need to get involved. If not, focus on getting their needs to be met automatically. Unhappy workers will leave and that will be a serious blow to the rest of the settlement.

Thirdly, if the location you are based at is fine. But the arrangement of the buildings isn’t, you can knock the buildings down using the hammer. This will be far more efficient than building a new settlement plus you will get some resources in return.

First Building

Medieval dynasty settlement time to move
How to make moving your medieval dynasty settlement less painful 7

So you’ve found the perfect spot for your Medieval Dynasty settlement. What should you build first? The very first building needs to be a resource storage building. Once this is built, you have access to all building materials extracted from your original settlement. If you have a wood shed in your original settlement, priorities the materials it creates to:

  • Wood
  • Sticks
  • Logs

Give them equal importance and turn off any production buildings that use those resources. If you have a wheat producing farm, change the production to straw for the time being. The first time I did this move, I hadn’t any farms so I had to extract this important resource from the shoreline. Don’t worry if you don’t have any production buildings, you can extract what you need from the environment albeit slower.

Next Steps

Medieval dynasty 11 1
How to make moving your medieval dynasty settlement less painful 8

Once your resource building is setup, and the resources you need are being sourced its time to progress your build. Always start with water production, then food , then firewood and finally the other production buildings. That way you have the villagers needs covered once you move them over. which you will need to do as soon as those needs are met.

Always start with water production, then food, then firewood…

Once moved over, you can use the hammer to deconstruct the original settlement building by building. Make sure to keep the resource building until last so you can unload all the extracted materials for use in your new settlement.

There is no reason you can’t have two settlements on the go. This could make traveling to quests across the map much easier, since you will always have a base.

And that’s it. You’ve successfully moved your settlement to a new location to better suit your needs. For another guide for Medieval Dynasty click here

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