Hori Nintendo Switch Split Pad Pro is Brilliant

The Nintendo Switch is a great handheld. Equipped with the Hori Nintendo Switch Split Pad Pro it becomes even better.

The Nintendo Switch is the successor to both the Nintendo 3DS and the Wii U. But if you are an adult you are equipped with larger hands. This makes playing the Switch in handheld mode in long stints cause pins and needles. The Joy-Cons don’t provide enough support for bigger hands. And playing with the Pro controller can be difficult especially when commuting. Enter the HORI Nintendo Switch Split Pad Pro.

Hori nintendo switch split pad pro
Hori nintendo switch split pad pro is brilliant 5


Usually, I can game on the standard Joy-Cons for about an hour before I start to get an uncomfortable sensation in my hands. Usually this results in either having to make do or take a break. It disappears after a while, only to strike back when not expecting it.


But with the Split Pad Pro I haven’t experienced any pain even during excessively long stints playing Xenoblade Chronicles 3. The Joy-Cons feel like an Xbox controller which is one of my favorite controllers of all time. The buttons are easy to press, the sticks protrude out further than the Joy-Cons making them feel more comfortable. It doesn’t feel like a third-party controller, instead it feels superior in most ways for big hands.

The Switch split pro controller come in many different styles, from Sonic to Monster Hunter, but there are also some nice generic ones like blue which I chose. There is also an option to buy the Joy-Cons bundled with a wired adapter so you can play it like a Pro Controller. If you’ve already got a Controller Pro, you can save yourself some money and just buy the Joy-Cons. Unfortunately, you cannot buy the addon separately so make sure to choose wisely.

The controller also comes with a turbo button, which can repeatedly press one button when you hold that button down. It can only be assigned to button inputs however, so any stick movements will have to be manually inputted.


The Switch Split Pad Pro boasts two small trigger buttons on the back of them. Which can be assigned to a button on the same Joypad. But you can’t assign stick inputs to them. Which would be useful if you want to move your view in game left or right. I also find them far too easy to accidentally press, so I haven’t used them much.

There is also no vibration feature, but once you’ve played with these Joycons long enough it isn’t a feature that you will really miss. It is also missing motion controls and Amiibo support. But depending on the games you play this may not be much of a big deal to you if you can play the games for longer periods of time.

The JoyCons don’t include an internal battery, so they cannot be used wirelessly from the console its self. Again, depending on your needs this may not be much of an issue. Due to not being wireless, they cannot be used as two separate controllers on the same Switch. Which for me personally isn’t a problem.

Hori Nintendo Switch Split Pad Pro Final Verdict

Though the Hori Nintendo Switch Split Pad Pro is missing a few features when compared to the standard JoyCons. It makes gaming on the Switch far more enjoyable and comfortable. If you already have a Nintendo Controller Pro, then having these as well means you have access to all the features you need. Because of this, the Nintendo Switch Split Pad Pro receives 4 out of 5.

It is a shame that the controller doesn’t come packed with the standard features of the Joy Cons, but for most people these features are not used.

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