Should you Play Monster Hunter Rise?

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Monster Hunter Rise is the latest game in the long series (You can check out my favorite here). Stretching back to the PlayStation 2 era. This is also the first main entry of the series that isn’t an ultimate version on the Switch. Which is both a blessing and a curse for the West.

Monster Hunter Rise, What is it?

You are a hunter, and your mission is to prevent the rampage of monsters from spiraling out of control. You also need to identify what is causing the monsters to rampage. The game gives you a wide variety of weapons at your disposal. Ranging from close-range swords and shields to bows. While out hunting you have two helpers. A palico, which is a cat-like creature that will attack monsters and provide support. A palamute is a big dog that you can ride into battle. Another new feature is the wirebugs that allow you to zip into the air. Once you get a hang of it, you’ll find yourself zipping around the environment easily.

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Monster Hunter Rise, Ridin’ Solo

The single-player mode focuses on investigating the rampage and trying to find the cause. Just like other titles in the series, there is little in the way of the story. The characters don’t develop and they speak a lot considering how little they change. You’ll complete quests that either involve gathering resources or beating monster(s). Once you’ve completed the quest you are returned to the village. You can then use the carves and other materials to improve your equipment. The improved equipment will allow you to take and deliver more damage.

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A new game mode opens up, Rampage mode. This is a tower defense game, with the mechanics of Monster Hunter thrown in. You have a number of areas to set up defenses which can either be mountable devices or automatic devices. You can’t use all devices at the start. Once you start defeating the monsters you rack up points that give you the ability to use more devices. It is a welcome addition to the series. But I would like to see it expanded upon. Maybe with a more permanent upgrade system where you build a base up to help defend the village.

I spent the majority of my time solo. I was also recording YouTube videos while playing, this made the game seem longer than it actually was. The amount of content is where the solo experience falls down. Compared to other Monster Hunter games (excluding Worlds without DLC), it was very short. Capcom is still planning to put out more content. But they have been distracted by Monster Hunter Stories 2.

The Problem with Multiplayer

There is a separate location within the starting village that allows you to play online with others. I have played a few quests with others. However, due to the limitations of the Switch (no mic), it feels like a very lonely experience. Capcom has added stickers and call-outs that translate to the language on your device. But no one really uses them, only to say thank you.

If you have found a group to play with then it is very enjoyable. My friends, whom I usually play with have already been burnt out by the game.

Final Thoughts

I loved the wire-bug mechanic and the palamute which added more to the game. Also the rampage mode, but I don’t have the motivation to finish the High-Rank quests on the multiplayer mode. I have, however, completed solo. I really was hoping for more and there was so little content compared to the other games it felt lackluster. If you have never played a Monster Hunter game, however, this would be a great jumping-on point. When you’ve gotten used to the mechanics move on to Monster Hunter Worlds or Generation Ultimate. I would give it a 3/5 but this will be reviewed if there is a big content update.

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See below for a playlist of me playing Monster Hunter Rise:

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A review of Monster Hunter Rise, the latest addition to the fun filled series. But is it any good and is it worth a read?

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