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After playing countless hours on text-heavy Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth (Click here for the review). I needed a break from so much stop and start. I needed Monster Hunter. But I also wanted to play it on the Vita. The answer is God Eater (Click here to buy it*) and here is my God Eater review.

What is God Eater?

God Eater Resurrection is a action RPG. You are a hunter who uses special weapons called God Arcs. You hunt Aragami, monsters born out Oracle cells.

One monster is actually a collection of sentient beings. They appeared with no warning and can only be harmed using God Arcs. Which only a select few can wield.

Unlike Monster Hunter, where the Hunters are controlling the monster population, God Eater’s are out there to kill all and as many Aragami as they can which is far more lore friendly.

God eateg monster, flying towards us. Ready to attack.
As soon as this one spreads it’s wings, we better roll out of the way!

Levelling Up

Just like Monster Hunter, instead of a traditional levelling up system. You improve by crafting new gear which improves your chances of success in many ways.

Each weapon, shield and gun can be upgraded to increase their attributes. But unlike Monster Hunter, the upgrades are very slow going.

However, in the beginning very few new types of Aragami are introduced. So the upgrades do not need to come so frequently.

Death Becomes You

Should your health decrease to zero, you are knocked down and your endurance decreases by 5. You can then be revived by your teammates. If the battlegrounds were bigger this would be a huge boon. But they are quite small so it has a minimal benefit. But another bonus is that you and your rescuer receive a link bonus. Which depends on your rescuer’s abilities.

God eater, monster attacking from behind.
Sneaky monster, is sneaky.

Early game death doesn’t feel like a huge threat. It’s almost not worth using healing items to keep your character alive. The only downside is that you may receive fewer rewards at the end of the mission. But the rewards are hardly worth the expense of keeping items until much later in the game.

It Looks Fine

Graphically the game looks pretty good. The characters are semi-anime style with added 3D elements. The monsters are varied and look pretty good for a PS Vita title. The battlegrounds are however a bit meh. They start to blend into one. But considering your focus will be on the monsters most of the time, it’s acceptable.

God eater, my friend is already bored with this conversation
Is she really that boring?

Compared to Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth, you cannot see the emotions displayed on the character’s faces, you have to rely on their actions and their voice acting which is fully English. This also isn’t a hindrance as the game is focused on the combat rather than the story elements.

I Hear Voices

The voice acting is top notch. Each main character has their own voice that brilliantly works with each of their personalities. But the voice acting only used during cut scenes or during battles. Outside of these, you are limited to text conversations. Again for a game focused on game-play, it can be excused.

God eater, one of the in game cutscenes.
Thanks cap!

The music and sound effects are pretty good. But this game can easily be played on mute which is definitely preferable when commuting. Another benefit for commuters is that the battles are time limited to 30 – 40 minutes. But the battles usually only take 10 minutes. The only time you’ll go above that is when battling new monsters.


God Eater will always be compared to the leader of the pack: Monster Hunter. This isn’t a carbon copy and it really shows it. There are many features that are present in God Eater: Resurrection that aren’t present in any of the Monster Hunter games.

It’s a shame this series doesn’t get more attention. I’ve enjoyed every minute of playing it and cannot wait to play more of the series. Almost enough so that I can wait until Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak goes on discount.

For this reason and for many others, God Eater: Resurrection gets a solid 4/5.

I’m currently going through the process of completing my PlayStation Vita backlog, I’m looking forward to adding more to my favourites list

God Eater Resurrection

God Eater Resurrection is the closest you will get to a Monster Hunter-like game on the PlayStation Vita. But is not a clone. It brings with it it's own mechanics as well as teammates who can support you during combat.

Price: 4.99

Price Currency: GBP

Operating System: PlayStation Vita, Microsoft Windows

Application Category: Action RPG

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