F1 2021 The Greatest Formula One Game

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I finally got my hands on F1 2021. And trust me, it has been worth the wait. But I wish I hadn’t had waited until Christmas. F1 2021 puts you in the driving seat as you aim to become the next Formula One World Champion. For the budding F1 fan, it’s a great game. For the purest, however, it falls only just short of the mark.

How Does F1 2021 Drive?

The F1 games are as close to a racing simulation game without being one as you can get. The F1 physics are easy to master and will find even amateur racers start ramping up the difficulty by reducing the assists.

The AI is great to race against. They will push you to the absolute limit while still being fair. If you take the inside line, they will back out rather than risk crashing and wiping both of you out. Which makes overtakes such a joyous experience.

For the times they don’t and they clip your car’s rear end, you can use the flashback feature to reverse back to a safer point in your race. This has happened to me only once and to be fair, I did pull in front of Gasly a bit too quickly for him to react. Sorry, Gasly!

Even though it isn’t sim quality driving, it is a joy to drive and race with others. I took the game online and watching the other drivers smashing into each other is a joy as you drive past. A bit sadistic and a bit of elitism there, but it didn’t take long for those that are half decent racers to catch up with me. So a bit of karma.

For those that only play the games due to it being F1 and are amateurs to the racing scene, the assists are very helpful. There are braking and acceleration assists that make going around corners a breeze. So it’s a great game for beginners.

The Game Modes

For career modes, you have not one, nor two, but three options. You can play Braking Point which follows the story of two drivers through multiple seasons. You have team mode, where you own and drive for a team. You get to make important decisions, such as development and events that your team gets involved in. Finally, there is Driver mode where you are just a racing driver who can focus on just the racing.

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Braking Point was very interesting to play. There is a lot of on and off-track drama and Devon Butler makes his delightful return. He’s been present in the past few games and is the perfect antagonist. You play as either Casper Akkerman or Aiden Jackson. Akkerman is a veteran racer at the end of his career. While Jackson is the new driver on the team. You watch as the seasons take their toll on both drivers and the team. I found it very enjoyable and I hope we get to see both of them in F1 2022 or at least in some DLC to see how they are getting on.

Devon Butler makes his delightful return.

I’m playing through my first season of the Team mode. It follows the same structure as the career mode in F1 2020. Between races, you decide on what your team researches and invests its money in improving. At the start of the season, you get to choose your team name, your engine provider and your teammate from a small roster. Once your team gets more acclaim you get access to better racers.

How Does F1 2021 Look?

The graphics are a lot improved over the previous games. Especially the character models who look more like their real-life counterparts than they did previously. This really brings the victory scenes and other cut scenes to life. Even the made-up characters are highly detailed.

The cars sound amazing and are easily comparable to the real thing when watching races. Which really adds to the atmosphere and ramps up the realism.

Should You Buy It?

It is very much a must buy if you love all things F1. If you love racing games, it has one of the best career modes available. The only way it falls short is that it isn’t a true racing sim. For that, you will need to play a different game, but you will miss out on the career mode which this game provides. I cannot wait to get back to racing.

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F1 2021 is a great Formula One game but how great is it? Is it worth playing or is there any thing else comparable. With three career modes .

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