Borderlands 2 Cult of the Vault Claptrap’s Place & Southern Shelf

Here you can find the Borderlands 2 Cult of the Vault Claptrap’s Place and Southern Shelf. The first location in the game is Claptrap’s Place. A little abode that has kept the old unit safe all this time. There is only one Borderlands 2 Cult of the Vault symbol in this area. Following on from this area is the Southern Shelf which has 2 symbols greatly spaced apart.

Claptrap’s Place

From the quick travel station, turn left and delve deeper into Claptrap’s home. Continue through, turning left at the closed door and keeping heading forward until you get to another closed door. Open the door and straight ahead on the wall is the Vault Symbol.

Borderlands 2 cult of the vault claptrap's place

Southern Shelf

1st Symbol

In Southern Shelf make your way to the former Crimson Raider’s base, where you get your first shield. Use the lever on the elevator to ascend to the base. Walk through the first door into the interior, then the second door to go outside. Head right and when you come to the edge of the base you should notice a metal thin platform that you should jump on. Make your way halfway up then turn around. To your left, there is an enclosed balcony. Jump onto the fence. Once on the fence, crouch and move onto the balcony. Once on the balcony, the symbol is underneath you.

Borderlands 2 cult of the vault - sothern shelf 1

2nd Symbol

This time you need to make your way up Fink’s ship to the point just before you battle him and where you can press the lever to raise Claptrap. While facing the elevator, turn around. Towards the right-hand side, there should be a gap in the wall. Make a jump for it and continue heading forward until you come to another opening on your left. Sprint and launch yourself onto the next platform. Keep running and jumping all the way to the other end of the room. You should find yourself in a big room, and in the middle is the final vault symbol.

Borderlands 2 cult of the vault - southern shelf 2

If you prefer a video walkthrough to this section please see below:

Southern Shelf Bay

The first vault symbol can be found on the side of a boat. From the entrance of the area make your way southwest. Through the Bullymong nests until you see the shipwreck. Climb onto the wreck but keep right of the cockpit. On the wall of the cockpit, you should find the vault symbol.

Southern shelf bay - vault symbol on the side of a boat. ,

The second symbol can be found in the bandit lair. Make your way through the bandit lair fighting off the bandits. Until you get to the most Eastern point. Face north and head up the stairs only one level. Go past the next stairs and behind the pillars holding up the building. Once you hit the ice wall, turn around and look up. The Vault symbol is high on the wall of the building. You will need to jump to activate it.

Southern shelf cult of the vault symbol on the side of a building.

Borderlands 2 Cult of the Vault Claptrap’s Place + Southern Shelf

These are the first three areas that you explore that have symbols. Southern Shelf Bay is easily missed, though if you complete side missions you will have to come through this area at some point. Click here to get the Sanctuary symbols. As you progress you will get more badass tokens to boost various attributes of your characters.

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