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The Cowboy Build – Fallout New Vegas


My favourite feature of Fallout New Vegas is that you can build unique classes and roleplay as characters in New Vegas.As of 2022, I am currently roleplaying as a modern-day cowboy. Below are the details for The Cowboy Build (or…

My Top 5 Deadwater Saloon Tips

My top 5 deadwater saloon tips

Do you need some Deadwater Saloon tips to get you started. Here are the tips that I discovered while playing the Saloon sim for the past few days. If you haven’t got the game yet check out my review. Spread Skill…

5 Useful Tips for Borderlands 2

5 useful tips for borderlands 2 - cover

I’ve been playing Borderlands 2 ever since its release in 2012 (It’s 10 years old this year!). From those years of playing the best shoot and loot game ever, I have picked up a few tips for Borderlands 2 to…