Borderlands 2 Cult of the Vault Sanctuary Helpful Guide

Whether you’ve just started playing. Or you are on a platinum hunt. Borderlands 2 Cult of the Vault is a challenge where you have to find the Vault symbol in different areas within the Borderlands 2 universe. Here is a guide on the Borderlands 2 Cult of the Vault Sanctuary locations.


The home of the Crimson Raiders, saviors of Pandora. There is only 4 Cult of the Vault symbols in this area. But 2 of them are tricky to find.

Scooter’s Symbol

From the entrance of Sanctuary make your way into Scooter’s garage. Go behind the stairs, and on the floor nearby the symbol should be easy to spot. It’s between the discarded tires and the wall. See below:

Borderlands 2 cult of the vault - 1st symbol

Moxxi’s Front Door Symbol

Exit out the front door of Scooter’s. Head left towards Moxxi’s bar. Just before you enter the bar, turn right and on the wall of the next building you should be able to see the next symbol:

Borderlands 2 cult of the vault - 2nd symbol

Trash Symbol

Enter Moxxi’s bar and make your way out the second exit. Keep heading straight. You will come up to a T-junction, go right. Then immediately head left into a small alleyway. Make your way past the dumpster and at the other end of the dumpster is the symbol on the wall partially covered by the dumpster.

Borderlands 2 cult of the vault - 3rd symbol

Rooftop Door Symbol

Come out of the alleyway, head right and in front of you should be a bench. Jump on the bench and edge towards the overhang. Jump up onto the overhang. This make take some strategic positioning as part of the roof overhangs above you. Next, turn around and make your way to the opposite roof. You can either sprint and jump or go left and climb through the balcony. Once you are on the opposite roof. Jump onto the next roof up and go forward. You should see a balcony straight ahead. Jump onto it. Have a look at the door on your left and you should find the final symbol of Sanctuary.

Borderlands 2 cult of the vault - 4th symbol

Roof Symbol

Go to the center of Sanctuary. Look North East and you should see a pile of tires. Jump on them and then jump on the overhand in front of you. Turn right and there should be a protruding platform (chimney maybe?) jump on top of it and then jump to the next roof level. Look left and there should be a round roof. Jump on the roof and head to the top. Across the rooftop, you should see another rooftop. Sprint jump to this roof and on top of the roof, you should see the Vault symbol.

Borderlands 2 Cult of the Vault Sanctuary

This is probably the quickest symbol you can find in the whole game. You may even discover them for the first time at Sanctuary. I will cover the others in another post. Hope this helps with your journey with the Borderlands 2 Cult of the Vault.

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