Brendan Freeman

Brendan Freeman

A new dad, who loves his video games. he's been playing games since he was 2. He likes RPGs and racing games.

My Top 5 Deadwater Saloon Tips

My top 5 deadwater saloon tips

Do you need some Deadwater Saloon tips to get you started. Here are the tips that I discovered while playing the Saloon sim for the past few days. If you haven’t got the game yet check out my review. Spread Skill…

My Deadwater Saloon Fun Experience

Deadwater saloon review

Welcome to Deadwater Saloon, your very own tavern in the Wild West. Developed by Creative Storm Entertainment. Have you ever wanted to know what it was like running a saloon back when cowboys were still around. And how they managed…

5 Useful Tips for Borderlands 2

5 useful tips for borderlands 2 - cover

I’ve been playing Borderlands 2 ever since its release in 2012 (It’s 10 years old this year!). From those years of playing the best shoot and loot game ever, I have picked up a few tips for Borderlands 2 to…