7 Gaming Gift Ideas

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Do you have gamers that you need to buy gifts for? Not a gamer yourself or have no idea what to buy? Here are my gaming gift ideas for 2022. At a variety of price points.

According to a survey completed in 2016, the average amount of time Americans spend playing video games has gone up by 50%.

New games can cost a fortune. On top of that each gamer has their own genres and other favourites to take into consideration. Below are generic ideas that should suit almost all gamers.

£10 ($12/€12) Gaming Gift Ideas

This section is useful if you are on a budget or if you are doing a secret santa gift. You can buy quite a lot at this price point.

Gift Cards

There is a wide range of gift cards that you can get for £10. If the gamer you are buying for is difficult to buy for. A gift card gives them the opportunity to choose the gift they want. The gift cards you should look out for is Steam, PlayStation, Nintendo Store and Microsoft cards. This will depend on their preference, so if you don’t know which to get. Ask someone close to them. If that isn’t possible, an Amazon gift card is a safer bet.


The next safest option is to purchase a mug if the recipient loves to drink hot drinks. These come in all different shapes, sizes and designs. Again, if you can find out the recipient’s favourite console or video game, it will make choosing a mug easier. Below are some examples of mugs that you can buy.

I love you mug
7 gaming gift ideas 37

I Promise to Love You Mug

Eat sleep game mug
7 gaming gift ideas 38

Eat Sleep Game Mug

I love video games
7 gaming gift ideas 39

I Love Video Games Mug

£20 Gaming Gift Ideas

From this point on, I am going to assume that you know the recipient well. Or at the very least, know what games they play. This makes gift buying easier. Just like the last selection of gifts, I am going to provide generic examples (these will be affiliate links) that you can get for your loved one.


Video game merchandise has come a long way from when I was a wee lad. Back then, you had to order from video game specialist shops. But now you can easily get hold of clothing gear from websites such as Amazon. Even local clothing shops are now getting in on the action. So if they like a certain video game series or platform, you are bound to find clothing of some sort. For this price range, you are probably going to be looking at caps, T-shirts or scarfs. The best feature about clothing is that the recipient can use it again and again. Lasting a lot longer than if you bought them a video game.

Gaming gift ideas - zelda cap
7 gaming gift ideas 40

A Legend of Zelda Cap

Gift ideas t-shirt
7 gaming gift ideas 41

I Paused my Game to be Here

Gaming socks
7 gaming gift ideas 42

Gaming Socks

Game Art

Another great option at this price range is video game art. All you need to know is their favourite game and the internet is sure to have some form of game art. If they live in rented property, it might also be worth providing non-damaging wall mounts. Otherwise, the art will just gather some dust. Below are a few options.

Gift ideas zelda art
7 gaming gift ideas 43

Zelda Wall Art

Halo wall art
7 gaming gift ideas 44

Halo Wall Art

The last of us part 2 wall art
7 gaming gift ideas 45

The Last of Us Part II Wall Art

£40 Gaming Gift Ideas

This is where we move into the high budgets. You can probably buy a full game at this price with a slight discount. But you can also get some awesome gadgetry for the recipient’s gaming station. RGB lights have become a big craze among PC builders and most gamers are sure to love adding them into their own gaming setup.

RGB Gear

RGB gear includes mice, keyboards and even PC components. They are perfect for brightening up a gaming area. Especially welcomed by Streamers. Even if the recipient doesn’t have a PC, you can still buy RGB gifts for them. There is even wall art that can brighten up a dark gaming setup.

Rgb mouse
7 gaming gift ideas 46

RGB Mouse

Rgb keyboard
7 gaming gift ideas 47

RGB Keyboard

Game over sign
7 gaming gift ideas 48

RGB Sign


For around £40/$40 you can buy a game on most platforms. I would recommend asking the recipient to make a wish list of games that they want. Then organizing with other people to make sure they don’t buy a duplicate. Digital games on PC can be bought very cheaply (check out HRKGames*). Below are some examples of what you can buy.

Hogwarts legacy
7 gaming gift ideas 49

Hogwarts Legacy (PC)

Elden ring
7 gaming gift ideas 50

Elden Ring (Xbox)

God of war ragnarok
7 gaming gift ideas 51

God of War Ragnarok

For gamers that prefer to play on handheld devices check out this post

£50+ Gaming Gift Ideas

Finally the £50 + budget. At this price point, you can buy multiples of the previous gift ideas. But you can also buy controllers for each platform, or even one for the PC. These will certainly improve their gaming lives.


Each platform has it’s own controller. PlayStation has the DualSense, Xbox has Xbox Series and Nintendo have Joycons or Controller Pros. If the recipient has a Nintendo Switch an extra Joycon or a Controller Pro is a no-brainer. The Switch Joycons experience an issue called joystick drift. Which needs to be sent back to Nintendo to be serviced. So while this is happening, having a spare controller is a godsend.

Nintendo switch joycon
7 gaming gift ideas 52

Nintendo JoyCons

7 gaming gift ideas 53


Xbox controller
7 gaming gift ideas 54

Xbox Controller

Gaming Gift Ideas

Hopefully, the above sections have provided you with enough ideas to buy a gift for the gamer in your life. It can be hard to know what to buy, especially if they have everything. But I’m sure whatever you get them they will appreciate the time and effort you put into getting the gift.

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